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Lamoral® goes East

Lamoral® goes East

We are proud to announce that Lamoral®  has entered the market in China.

Our products are being used in several projects in Asia amongst others in Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and now we are taking our portfolio of products one level further by entering the market in China.

Lamoral®  has launched last week its innovative durable coating technology at the China International Surface Treatment and Coating Exhibition in Shanghai.

“We are launching a disruptive technology allowing us to control the effects of time. Taming time ( 让时间凝 ) is our pay-off and stands for our mission to drastically reduce the replacement of materials, says Theo Verweerden, CEO of Lamoral®.

He continues, “we got very good response to our high quality booth and innovative products that led to a number of new leads. “I see that China is changing from an investment economy to a more regular economy looking for higher quality and more durable products. Lamoral® is a perfect fit to protect materials from weathering degradation and making products last for longer than a life time” He concludes: “Lamoral® is pushing the boundaries of technology and time to create a beautiful world sustainable enough for future generations to enjoy.”

The Surface Treatment and Coating Exhibition in Shanghai is just the first step of Lamoral® into the Chinese market. Lamoral® will exhibit as well in:

  • China International Roofing & Waterproofing show, 27- 30 May, Shanghai.
  • International Antirust & Anti corrosion Fair, 3-6 June, Shanghai
  • China International Surface Treatment and Coating Exhibition, 10-12 July, Shanghai.

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